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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Wed 21st Nov 2018 - One Horse Field, Totland. GG # 762.

Terry's Photographs.

The short walk from the car park to the work site.

And today, we were working at...(see above!)

Even when it is cold...we are a happy bunch..!

That is one HUGE area to rake over.

Today's Instructions.
Rake all the cuttings into long lines or piles....

...then bag it up...

...before dragging it to the composting area...

and then...finally....tip it all out. 
Repeat the above many, MANY, times...!

Our "friendly Ranger" tackling some of
the bigger growth.

Having had torrential freezing rain, earlier in the day, we were pleased to see that the session started in the dry. The instructions were simple " rake it...bag it and dump it on the composting pile!" One Horse Field is a huge area and had been mechanically cut some time ago - so everything was compacted down and wet from the overnight rain. Who said our task was going to be simple..??? The good thing about it was that there was plenty of work to keep us warm on this rather chilly day. Why do we go to the bother of doing it.... to stop the cuttings rotting down and composting the area. If it is left like that the grass and weeds will grow first and smother out the wild flowers that we want to encourage next summer. In spite of the large area, we did manage to make a difference so hopefully One Horse Field will become a lovely meadow again next year.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.

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