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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wed 22nd April 2015 - Golden Hill Country Park, Freshwater.

Carrie's Photographs.

"We're the kings of the castle...."!
Or, what 6.5 tonnes of limestone chippings looks like.

A rather amazing caterpillar - prior to careful re-homing.

Mark's Photographs.

Our "employer" for the session.

The barrow boys!

Island Roads..... eat your heart out...!

Bluebells and butterfly

One of the super views around the park.

It was the start of September, last year, when we last visited the Golden Hill site. With the bird nesting season well underway (so no cutting back) and two trailer loads of wheelbarrows in the car park, it could only be one task for us this week..... laying limestone chipping pathways...! By the time we had left the car park and headed down to the southern boundary of the park, it was about 10:15 before the first barrow was loaded. Nick, the ranger, assured us that we didn't have to lay all 6.5 tonnes of chippings during this session - especially as the loaded barrows had to be pushed up hill from the pre-dumped pile. As it turned out he shouldn't have been concerned, Team GG got stuck in and cleared the whole lot by tea break at 11:00 - which must be some kind of record even for us! Other team members gave the undergrowth around the adjacent pathways a light trim and carried out the usual litter pick. Although we have worked at the park many times over the years, it is always a pleasure to hold a Green Gym session there with the wildlife, numerous woodland walks and beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. The excellent April weather this year continues to hold with blue skies and bright sunshine - even the cool breeze wasn't an issue once the barrowing was underway!

Many thanks to Carrie and Mark for their photographic contributions.

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