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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wed 1st April 2015 - Fort Victoria, Yarmouth.

Sue's Photographs.

Brimstone butterfly - trying to look like a leaf!

Alison's Photographs.

This guy looked so cold and lonely....

Bob decided to cheer him up!

T'wit- t'woo
Mark's Photograph.

Carrie's Photographs.

With this week's GG session falling on April 1st, it was with some trepidation that we all met up in the Fort Victoria car park. What would Nick the Ranger have in store for us....? Turns out that his April Fool's joke was 5 tonnes of limestone chippings and a trailer full of wheelbarrows! The wintertime landslip had taken it's toll and we were to build a new woodland pathway to circumnavigate one area that was becoming potentially dangerous. Although our numbers were down a little, perhaps due to the Easter holidays, excellent progress was made and by tea break and majority of the pathway had been completed. Perhaps we should be sub contracting ourselves to Island Roads??? Other members of Team GG were working on trimming back various pathways and viewing sites in readiness for all our summer visitors. One thing about the Fort Vic site, no matter how many times we visit there is always plenty for us to be getting on with. Although the day started sunny, there was certainly a cold wind blowing - so lots of winter woolies and hats in evidence at the start of the session.  Shovelling and wheelbarrowing limestone certainly warmed everyone up and by tea break the top layers of clothing were becoming discarded.

A note from Mark.
A couple of pics for you.  There were remnants of some military history which I took a snap of before the cliff slumping takes it out to sea.  It was one of several Position Finding Cells (probably late 19th century) Source

The other shot on the cliff shows the old path which we have worked on many times in our early days and which now is slipping away on the Gault (blue slipper) clay.

Cheers, Mark Russell.

Many thanks to Sue, Alison, Carrie and Mark for the photographs.

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