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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wed 3rd Dec 2014 - Arreton Down, Downend.

Carrie's Photographs.

Curious glances from the residents!

Sue's Photographs.

Mark's Photographs.

Mark's photographs showing part of team GG at work,
(including some from St George's and The Way Forward Group)

The "weather word" for our GG session this week was bracing! Although winter still hasn't really arrived yet, it was around 6C with a stiff NE wind blowing when we met on the top of the downs, so colder than we have been used to recently. The work site was to the south of the down, doing a "slash and burn" on the overgrown areas of the hedge line. With so many attending, we were able to attack the job from multiple points, working towards each other, clearing as we went. The cattle, that are used as mobile mowers, came by to investigate what we were doing, but soon lost interest and drifted away. Unlike our poor attempt at a bonfire last week, this week's one was soon roaring away needing constant "feeding" to keep it topped up. It must have been cooler as most people were still wearing their top coats, hats etc in spite of working hard at the task in hand. As the various working parties started to met up, it became apparent that we had achieved excellent progress at holding back the undergrowth for another year or two along a considerable length of the hedge. Well done to all those who took part.

Thanks to Sue, Carrie and Mark for the photographs this week.

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