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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Shide Quarry - Extra.

For those GG members interested in what Shide Quarry looked like when it was still being worked, back in the 1930's, have a look at the following link...

It is a film showing the manufacture of cement here on the Island, with the early scenes (about 1 min 10 secs into the video) showing "our" quarry. Later in the film they show clay being dug from the ground, I think this is where we work at the "fish ponds" between Dickson's Copse and Stag Lane (the ponds are the clay pits). The cement works was where the new Vestas wind turbine blade facility is at the bottom of Stag Lane.

Interesting to see the shots of the wagons coming through the (now blanked off) tunnel from the quarry and the extensive use of protective equipment / health and safety regulations throughout....!

There is no sound and it is a bit boring in places but still worthy of a viewing.


1 comment:

Mark R said...

Hi Bob,
A very interesting piece of cine-film there, extraordinary the lack of safety considerations when the chap was working away on the wagons whilst they were moving!
Thank you for your kind words. We are all grateful to you too for your time, and to all the contributors, here on the Blog.
Happy New Year everyone!!