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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wed 28th May 2014 - The IoW Donkey Sanctuary, Wroxell.

Although it didn't exactly rain during our GG session this week, the downs above the Donkey Sanctuary were covered in low cloud and the air was rather "damp". Inspection of the river bank showed that our efforts at PPP (Pesky Plant Pulling) last year seem to have been triumphant, with the amounts of Himalayan Balsam being drastically reduced. We were soon working our way along (and sometimes IN...!) the stream trying to eliminate every last HB plant in sight. As the areas we cleared last year needed less attention, we were able to explore further both up and down stream, removing any clumps of HB as we went. Wading through waist high, wet stinging nettles to pull up PP may not be everyones idea of fun but seeing how successful our previous efforts had been was certainly an incentive to carry on. Mind you, had the weather been as hot and sunny as it was on our last visit there (last July) then I doubt that anyone would have complained about sunburn...!

For our readers who are not familiar with this PP called Himalayan Balsam, have a look at this link....
Himalayan balsam/RHS Gardening.

Photographs supplied by Carrie, many thanks!

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