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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wed 20th July 2011 - Northwood House, Cowes.

Eddie's Photograph.

Carrie's Photographs.

Well you couldn't say that the Green Gym let a little bit of rain stop them working, mind you it was more like a LOT of rain although nearly 30 of us braved the extremely wet conditions to undertake further tasks at Northwood House the first being to drag a large amount of cut tree branches over to the compost heap, and the second to sweep a big pile of leaves from under one of the trees (at least this group were slightly drier). Our final task was to work on the garden and exterior walls of the Lodge, which is a Grade II listed building and still lived in. The garden was very overgrown and needed a good clear out to open up the path around the building, trim back the ivy on the walls and cut back the shrubs as well as removing some tree branches to let in more light. All the stuff cleared out was taken to the back boundary of the garden and stacked into piles to rot down. One of this week's images is a fascinating picture of a metal tie which has been placed around part of the building (sort of a metal belt to hold it together) dated we think around 1890, and has two horseshoes placed in the corner, presumably hoping to be lucky it didn't fall down!

Many thanks to Carrie for the text and photographs this week.

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