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Friday, 15 July 2011

Wed 13th July 2011 - CE Primary School, Newport.

Our second visit in as many weeks to Newport CE Primary School, continuing the work begun previously. We gave the willow dome a really good clear out so that when the children play there they can be seen by the teachers to make sure they are safe. Some nice bits of willow were also taken away for the monkeys in the Owl and Monkey Haven (who really like to eat it apparently). We also put some plants in the bog garden, covered the membrane with compost, made a couple of habitat piles and transferred a large stone to make a nice feature in the centre. Work also continued on the meadow to attract bees and butterflies, with several Green Gymmers bringing plants and seeds along to populate the garden. A membrane was laid, plants added and watered, then covered with wood chip which was barrowed some distance from where it had been delivered.

Many thanks to Carrie for the photographs and editorial this week.

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