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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wed 21st April 2010 - Medina Valley Centre, Dodnor.

Back again at the Medina Centre, continuing with some of the tasks unfinished from last week, and a couple of new ones. We are still trying to remove all the bramble from the unimproved chalk grassland, and there was one more post to put in for the information boards. Our two new tasks were to lay a membrane along one of the pathways, which we had levelled off a few weeks ago, and then spread some woodchip over the membrane to improve the access. The second was to undertake some woodland management in the two areas we planted with trees about five years ago; this involved removing any damaged branches, taking off the plastic ties and removing the stakes. We also put all the re-useable ties and stakes into three wheelbarrows and took these back to the Centre.

Thank you to Carrie for the above.

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