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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Wed 15th April 2009 - Batts Copse, Shanklin.

This week’s venue was a site we have not visited for about three years now, Batts Copse in Shanklin, which is a large attractive area of woodland with some nice footpaths, and a fox has been seen here recently. It is very popular with residents and dog walkers, but also unfortunately popular for rubbish dumping – there was even an old duvet! The group were helping the rangers Richard and Nick, who always seem to provide us with an interesting variety of tasks. A large area on one of the footpaths is always muddy and gets worse in winter, so this was improved by the addition of limestone chippings – at least we had wheelbarrows this week! A section of chestnut paling fence was in a very poor state and required removing and replacing with a new fence, some steps needed repairing and were then made more passable by the addition of limestone chippings. A general litter pick was also undertaken, and the stream under a little bridge cleared of obstructions to improve the water flow.
Once again it is Cub Reporter Carrie behind the camera and notebook this week........many thanks.

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