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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wed 19th Nov 2008 - Parkhurst Forest.

If you go down to the woods today, You're in for a BIG suprise.....!

Yet another new site for the Green Gym, helping the Forestry Commission in Parkhurst Forest. Another fantastic turnout on a surprisingly mild and sunny, day, with over forty members beavering away. The new Commission warden for the Island Michael Pittock was on hand to go through our task, which was basically to remove small trees which had self seeded, including turkey oak to let more light into the area. They are hoping this will increase the diversity of wildlife, especially the pearl bordered fritillary butterfly, which is only found here in the Forest.

Many thanks to Carrie & Eddie for the photographs and Carrie also wrote the editorial.
Carrie's Nature Lesson.
This quite attractive golden brown fungus is one of the milkcap family, either a Curry Scented Milk Cap (Lactarius camphoratus) or Lactarius sphagneti. Both are small agarics with reddish brown caps, yellowish gills and exuding watery milk They are solitary or in extensive scattered groups on soil under conifers. The second is a member of the bracket family (of which there are approximately ten varieties in Britain), and this one is called Jelly fungi or jelly rot (Phlebia Tremellosa). It produces fruiting bodies which look like shapeless blobs of jelly or in shapes such as “ears” or “tongues”. It is rather like dry rot, and can be found on the ground as well as on trees.

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