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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wed 12th Nov 2008 - Broadlea Primary School Lake.

This week saw the Green Gym at a new site, Broadlea Primary School in Lake. A superb turnout again on what was a beautiful sunny day, and the school has a lovely setting with views up to Ashey Down and the Seamark. Our first task was to cut back overgrown trees and hedges, and the second to clear their pond of weeds and surrounding bramble. It was amazing when it was all cleared to discover a very nice pathway at one edge and also some steps, neither of which had been seen for some time. Our third task was to erect a post and rail fence, in an area felt to be unsuitable for the children to play, where the pond overflows and becomes very muddy. We planted some additional saplings between the two areas of fence, and it will now be left as an area for wildlife.
Many thanks to Carrie & Eddie for the pictures and to Carrie for the editorial.

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