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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wed 20th Aug 2008 - Kitbridge Farm.

This week the GGymers were back at one of our "regular" venues - Kitbridge Farm. Mark had decided that with the Olympics happening at this time, he would give us a job FENCING.....(oh what a BAD, OLD joke...!) The "before and after" pictures above will show what was involved - cutting back the undergrowth to strip-out the damaged old fencing, resite & drive in new (stronger) fence posts and then re-errect the original fencing. Other GG members helped with various land management tasks that included ragwort pulling and the planting of new shrubs. We had an excellent turnout and the weather gods smiled on us - the rain held off until just after 1 pm...!
Nature Lesson - Robin's Pin Cushion Galls.
The team that were working on the ragwort pulling noticed this unusual "plant". Many thanks to Carrie for this week's nature lesson.........

Robin’s Pin Cushion Galls appear in late summer and autumn on wild rose bushes, and these spectacular scarlet galls are created by the tiny wasp “Diplolepis Rosae”. It lays its eggs in either the leaves or stem of the dog rose, and one gall may contain several grubs each in an individual chamber. These feed on the plant through the winter and emerge in Spring. The cushion provides a home to many other tiny creatures, and is sometimes called the Bedeguar Gall.
Many thanks to Eddie & Carrie for the pictures this week.

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