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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wed 06th Aug 2008 - Watershoot Bay.

I thought that I knew most of the place names on the Island - but this week's GG had me looking for the OS map...! Watershoot Bay is to the west of St Catherine's Lighthouse - just beyond the farm buildings - then follow the footpath. If you wish to visit, (and it is well worth it) I suggest you park the car back on the top road and walk down the lane towards the lighthouse as there is no parking at the bottom.
So........having got there - what were we tasked to do? Quite simple really, grab a black plastic rubbish sack and a litter picker then walk along the beach and collect anything that shouldn't be there. The task was complicated a little as we had to list the type of rubbish as we collected it - just goes to show that even the simplist job needs PAPERWORK. There certainly wasn't any shortage of things to collect, everything from plastic bottles to huge fishing nets. We even found a 30 foot length of rope that was thicker than my two arms put together. To make things a little more interesting, a lot of the items were coated in a thick layer of black oil - just what the local wildlife needs. Good progress was made at collecting the rubbish and the black bags were soon making an impressive pile at the collection point. The weather was hot, humid with the sun breaking through and we had a good turnout (perhaps to see the impressive views?).
This week we have Hilary, Carrie & Eddie to thank for the above photographs.

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