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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Wed 26th March 2008 - Ventnor Botanical Gardens.

Do you remember those adventure movies where the hero chops his way through a jungle to find an Aztec temple? This week's task was very similar - no temple here but we did find a monument! On arrival at the Botanical Gardens we were show yet another (see previous entries for this venue!) very overgrown area that needed the "tender touch" of the GGmers. An excellent attendance assured that the tools were a blur and the designated area was soon giving up it's long buried secrets. These included a nice wooden park bench, the monument shown above and several stone walls. The cleared material was sorted for shreading and two bonfires were started to dispose of the bramble, ivy, weeds etc. Once again, the weather gods smiled upon us and the forecasted rain arrived about 10 minutes after we finished.

The Monument.

This week I have a request. Having unearthed the monument, we have no idea why or when it was errected here. It is around 2 metres tall and surrounded by a metal railing with a gated access. It has excellent sea views to the east and overlooks the meadow area which form part of the coastal path. Any information would be gratefully received - please use the comments link below.
Many thanks to Carrie for the pics.

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