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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wed 9th Sept 2007 - Butterfly Walk @ Brading.

This week the Green Gymers were tasked to do a tidy up job at the Butterfly Walk on Brading Down. We were assured that under the undergrowth was a butterfly sculpture made out of woven willow - hard to believe when you look at the picture above....! A couple of hours of hard cutting back of the weeds and bramble revealed what appeared to be a broken down sheep hurdle. A little "re-shaping" was undertaken and eventually we managed to come up with something that resembled the original structure (please give us some artistic licence here....!). The other photograph shows some of the team that attended this week - well done to all. Several other jobs were completed to make this wonderful site even more inviting to the public - so no excuses for not taking a walk there now...!!!!!!!!!
Welcome back to the team from St George's who have now started a new year - thank's for your help.
The weather was glorious as we really are having a later summer this year - fingers crossed that it stays that way for a long time yet.
Many thanks to Carrie and Angela for the photographs.

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