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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Wed 19th Sept 2007 - Kitbridge Farm.

This week the Green Gym was back at Kitbridge Farm and needless to say, the task involved weeds and water.....! The stream to the south of the farm has, over years of neglect, become VERY overgrown - not wildlife friendly at all. This week we continued to clear an area of the stream, chopping back the weeds, brambles and overhanging trees to allow sunlight to reach the water and give better access for kingfishers etc. The rubbish was cleared from the stream bed and the banks exposed - this should encourage water voles and the like to take up residence. The bridge on this part had been seriously damaged by floodwater, so part of the tasking was to dig out and position a large chunk of masonary that had been dislodged. We hope to rebuild this into the bridge wall at a later visit - watch this space...!
Many thanks to Carrie for the before and after pics - I note that she didn't send the ones of her in the waders for me to publish.........shame....!

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