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Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Wed 6th Dec 2006 - Munns Quarry Brading

This picture says it all " Cut & Burn".. exactly the sort of job that the Green Gym are becoming (in)famous for! The Munns chalk pit had become completely overgrown and was in need of a major hair cut. There had been a tractor-flail in before we got there - and we had the job of dealing with the remainder. Tractors can't deal with the big stuff or that which is 20 feet up a 45 degree slope...! The job went very well and good progress was made in clearing the sides of the pit, especially along the south side where the footpath is. This return to chalk grassland will encourage new plants, grasses, butterflies, birds etc and should look a picture by next summer. Once again the weather was extremely kind to us....bright sunshine and around 14C...excellent for the first week in December.

For those coming along to Shide Pit next week....don't forget the silly hat competition....!

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