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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Wed 26th May - GG Virtual Session #046.

 Those attending today were...

The excitement of last week's outdoor session was somewhat short lived...this week we reverted to, yet another, online Zoom meeting 😞. Mark pointed out that suitable venues are difficult to find at the moment especially as we are in the middle of the bird nesting season. The positive news is that there may well be some outdoor work coming up soon but the dreaded words Ragwort and Himalayan Balsam were also mentioned...👎. Then again, I am sure that we are all so desperate to get out that even Pesky Plant Pulling sessions would be well attended..!!!
The topics of conversation were, as per usual, wide ranging - everything from traffic information to dead whales and bonfires. In light of the expected work along river banks and the problem of locating the exact spot, it was suggested that perhaps the phone app "what3words" might be handy. Some time was then spent laughing about the three words used for our home locations 😂. Apparently a dead whale has been washed up on the beach at Fort Victoria (although I was there yesterday and didn't notice anything). It seems that bonfires are the next things to fall to the "green" legislation - we wondered if that might change how we dispose of "arisings" in the future?

Talking of things green, I have recently collected my contribution to reducing my petrol car milage.. a new    E-bike. I have always been amazed at Viv's determination to use her bike at every opportunity so hope that I can, in a much smaller way, achieve something similar. Firstly, I have got to remember how to ride a

Take care, stay safe and keep an eye on your e-mail in tray for details about  upcoming REAL sessions.

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