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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Wed 2nd Dec 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 026.

 Team GG members that were in attendance this week were.....

The numbers were down a little this week, perhaps everyone was out shopping now we have (yet again!) come out of nationwide lockdown...??? Fewer people did not restrict the conversation per usual, a wide range of topics came up for discussion. The first item was the E-scooters that are now available for hire in Newport and the misuse of said items. This was widened into bikes on pavements, mobility scooters etc etc. Then a weekly favourite, a progress report on the St Mary's traffic intersection. The general consensus was that the traffic was flowing reasonably well but last minute lane changers (especially the ones that NEVER indicate their intentions..!) are an issue - so use with caution 😏. Next up was the cycleways that use the old railway tracks and memories of Newport station. I found this interesting web site that you might wish to look at, it certainly stirred a few memories for me
iow_station_index.htm.  We then chatted about the chances of reinstating the old Ryde / Newport line but certain sections had been sold off so might be problematical. This was recent press coverage of such a suggestion  Railway-plans-for-Newport-and-Ventnor. .... a nice idea but doubt that I will be travelling on it during my lifetime..! Personally, I think a road bridge across the Media would be a better way of spending our taxes.
Still no news about the chances of us holding a GG Christmas Party at Shide but NEVER say never 😀.

Stay safe everyone and keep wearing those masks...😷.

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