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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Wed 14th Oct 2020 - Pan Mill Meadows, Newport. GG # 832.

The site information board for today's venue.

All busy raking it in...😀.

For this week, we returned to an old GG favourite... Pan Mill Meadows at Newport. At this time of year we are tasked with gathering in the previously cut summer growth which then denies the soil the nutrients from the rotting down cuttings and gives the meadow plants a head start next spring. It is always a pleasure to work at this tranquil spot which is situated between the main road and the town plus the weather held good with blue skies and sun 👍. Perhaps it is the central location that gets Team GG members along but it is invariably a well attended session and this one was no different. Raking (wet) grass is never the most exciting task but it certainly gives you a good upper body work-out, even if you do wake with a sore back the next day...! Good progress was maintained throughout the morning so a big "Well Done" to all those who attended.
Mark did mention that he didn't yet have anything planned for next Wednesday but, as per usual, keep an eye on your e-mails for further updates.


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