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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Wed 23rd Sept 2020 - GG Virtual Session # 021.

Those who made it "on parade" this week...

 Because of the ever changing Covid-19 regulations we found ourselves staring at a computer screen once again on Wednesday morning 😏. Each time they change the goal posts we need time to find out if we can still run a "proper" GG session without incurring the wrath of Boris...! We had a general on line discussion and, as far as we can see, if Mark can find the right venues then there should be no problem holding outdoor session. There was a suggestion that when we are working in groups of six, each member of that group is handed a coloured card to remind them not to just drift around the other groups. Tony came up with the idea that we should all wear hi-vis clothing so members of the public assume we are working for Island Roads...I can see a snag there because we actually get on and do something which will immediately blow our cover 😀. Bob (The Weather) is convinced that we will all be legit if we don green leotards and claim we are doing an outdoor gym session... not so sure about THAT one..especially with the winter months coming along..!

Mark then brought us all back to reality by explaining what might be possible for GG sessions in the near future. National Trust are still reluctant to use volunteers right now but G2N may have a job for us over at Sandown Orchard (provisionally pencilled in for 7th Oct). Other possible maybes All Saints Church Freshwater, Freshwater Sports Centre and Millennium Green at Ryde. Watch this space and your emails for updates.

We hope that you are all making the best of this rather unusual situation,  look after yourselves and remember...STAY SAFE 😷.

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