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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Wed 26th Aug 2020 - GG Walk from the Causeway, Freshwater.

Terry's Photographs.

A quick Team GG briefing before we start.

Gizmo is ready for the off.

Bob's Photographs.

I am sure that most of you are very aware of what the Causeway looks like but I have included the photos above just to show how much bird life is there right now..! Many more swans than I have ever seen in previous years and whole flocks of Canadian geese.
I expect you are wondering why Team GG is wandering around West Wight on a Wednesday morning rather than getting on with our usual work..? In spite of Mark's best efforts, the two "possibles" he had lined up for us this week fell through at the last minute so will be moved to the right on the schedule. Rather than just having another virtual GG session on Zoom, he decided that we should all get some fresh air by taking a stroll along the old railway line / cycle track between Freshwater and Yarmouth. The gale force winds and torrential rain from yesterday had abated somewhat and left us with a pleasant day for taking some long overdue exercise. About ten of us set off from the Causeway bridge heading north towards Yarmouth whilst taking time to admire the wonderful views across the Yar estuary. Because of prior commitments, I had to leave the group as they were heading up into Mill Copse but hopefully someone will take over the narrative from that point. It is amazing just how many people use this bridleway, walkers, joggers, dog walkers, cyclists, runners and even someone riding a horse, you hardly get more than ten paces before there is the "ting" of a cycle bell from behind as someone wants to overtake­čśĆ ( but nice to see the great outdoors being used). A very pleasant way to spend a morning and great to catch up with a few GGmers who haven't been making it along to our Zoom sessions.

Many thanks to Terry for sending in his photographs.

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