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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Wed 23rd Oct 2019 - St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, Carisbrooke. GG # 807.

Terry's Photographs.

The school "garden"...
(Try and keep this image in your mind....)

The pre-session brief.

The woodland area.

The pathway area.

Work gets underway on all three areas.

A much improved pathway...

Remember I asked you to keep that picture in your mind...
this is how the garden looked after we had finished...!

Underneath all that bramble and weeds, the garden was 
supposed to look like this..!

The woodland area after a serious work over.

Just some of the rubbish that was collected.

(not EVERYTHING in the skip was down to us 😀)

We even had some rubbish to re-cycle.

The balls we discovered and Mark's interpretation of
the solar system - NOT to scale...!

Another new venue for Team GG..St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School although we have worked, many times, at the associated school in Ryde (perhaps they put in a good word for us?). With it being the school holidays, parking was not an issue as we could use the playground. The main work fell into three distinct area, the school garden, an approach walkway and a woodland area. In each case there was a considerable amount to cut back plus the usual rubbish to be collected. I think that Terry's excellent photographs above show exactly what progress was made and each one of those areas looked a whole lot better by the time we had finished! Mention must be made to the wonderful cake and sausage rolls that were supplied by the school staff, along with the tea and coffee. Thank you VERY much indeed.

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