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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Wed 27th March 2019 - Quarry Road Allotments, Ryde. GG # 778.

Mark's Photographs.

Another new location this week as we had been asked to help with the local Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club's newly acquired allotment plot on Quarry Road, in St John's, Ryde. This will be an excellent resource for the group to encourage social activities, where they can obtain support and build friendships within the community. And importantly reap the rewards of growing their own produce. 

As with all new projects it can take extra effort to get things off the ground, this is where we came in. We cleared a path across the plot to where they will have their seating area. we pruned the various fruit trees in the 'John Case Remembrance Orchard'.  Helped clear a fallen tree and dug out 2 new plots ready for new raised beds.
In addition a party was able to litter pick the Pig Leg Lane nature reserve which is of course just along the road!
All in all a busy morning. Everyone enjoyed too the peaceful and beautiful allotments. There were some impressively well maintained plots. 

Many thanks to Mark for both the editorial and the photographs this week.

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