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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wed 12th Sept 2018 - Dickson's Copse, Dodnor, Newport. GG # 752.

Terry's Photographs.

Above and below - the new information board and seating
adjacent to the old cement mills.

Quite a pile of limestone chippings...

Rebuilding the pathway surfaces.

Replacing the post that some nice person had kindly removed..!

Tea break and a chat from "the Boss".

Cheque presented by the CPRE.

More information boards.

The post after it was "replanted".

Above....some of the many areas that were resurfaced.

Gathering the well used wheel barrows.

This week we returned to Dickson's Copse - AKA the Dodnor Creek LNR. The main task was to continue with the pathway and step resurfacing that we started during our last session here. Nice to get it completed before the rains set in and everything gets very muddy (but hopefully not quite so muddy this year..!) Several other tasks were undertaken including the re-erection of a post that some kind person had ripped from the ground and the preparation of some hazel and willow that we had coppiced during a previous session.  This will be used to do some dead hedging when we return to this venue next week. During the tea break we were presented with a cheque from the Campaign to Protection Rural England (CPRE) for the litter picking that we do at every GG session. We did have some very light rain during the session but was still quite warm. One sign that the year is moving on... Mark is already asking about where we might go for the GG Xmas dinner this year...!

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week and to the CPRE for the generous cheque.

Want more information about CPRE..? Then please click this link Campaign to Protect Rural England: Home

Please don't forget to look at this web page if you are interested in joining in with the upcoming beach litter pick.

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