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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wed 1st Aug 2018 - Downend, Arreton Down. GG # 746.

Terry's Photographs.

Trekking to the work site.

Just look at that sky and the view.

Taking a photo of someone taking a photo...!

A well earned tea break.

One of the beautiful Chalk Hill Blue butterflies.

Just some of the trimmings.
Tony's Photographs.

This week our attention was on  some light scrub control in order to maintain the wonderful chalk grasslands that we have on our downs. Without considerable maintenance, these areas would soon become overgrown with bramble and hawthorn. It was something of a long stroll from the car park to where we were working but the effort was more than offset by taking in the wonderful views. Yes, the fields were a little browner this year, due to the prolonged hot & dry weather we have been experiencing but still a stereotypical English rural landscape...! We were soon tackling the areas of scrub that had sprung up this year, surrounded by a kaleidoscope (yes, that is the collective noun..!) of chalk hill blue butterflies, they were in their thousands. Tea break is always welcome at a GG session but I doubt that we could have a better vista than this one to contemplate while having a cuppa. The rain, that we so badly needed, seems to have left us once again and we enjoyed blue skies with those puffy cumulous clouds that make a summer's day so perfect.

Many thanks to Terry and Tony for the photographs this week.

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