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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wed 20th June 2018 - Arreton Down, Down End, Newport. GG # 740.

Alison's Photographs.

Green Cricket.

5 Spot Burnet Moth.

Bob's Photograph.

Mark addresses the intrepid Team GG during the tea break.

This week we were continuing with the Pesky Plant Pulling - but this time it was up on the downs and the PPP was focused on the dreaded Ragwort...! If there is anyone reading this who isn't familiar with this weed then please use the following link Ragwort Link. Having all met up in the car park it was off to scour the down in our attempt to eradicate it...armed with forks to lift it and bags to transport it to the dump site. Everyone was in agreement that there appears to be less and less each year that we tackle this job but it is still early in the season so we had better not start counting our chickens before they hatch..! As can be seen from the photograph, it was a rather overcast day with the occasional light drizzle but that didn't spoil the beautiful views from this high point. A well attended session where everyone got a great deal of exercise walking around while playing the "spot the ragwort" game :-) 

Many thanks to Alison for her photographic contribution. More photographs will be added as they arrive.

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