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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wed 16th May 2018 - Play Lane Millennium Green, Ryde. GG # 735.

Terry's Photographs.

Our first visit of the year to the Green was on a beautiful spring day, one of those days when it's great to be working out of doors.  Once we'd had an initial walk around to assess where the deploy the troops we set about improving the access on the path network in various ways. There was some crushed limestone to lay to help with rutting along the edges of the path where mobility scooters had experienced difficulties over the past wet months, how great though that this slightly remote site is used by those unable to access it on foot.  We also cut back overhanging boughs and of course spent some time digging and lopping the ever present problem of bramble on the butterfly meadow... it was looking good though for emerging wildflowers and will I'm sure alive with insects again during the summer.

A note from Mark about the last three photographs shown above.

I'm wondering if the bracket fungus could be Dryad's Saddle, but I'm no fungus expert and am working from the  photo only. But it's the right, time of year, right location and shape etc.  Feel free to speculate this as a id.
The young tree is, as I thought, a Walnut (the site contact has confirmed this) but I'm unsure as to what the little pupa could be.  

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs and to Mark for the editorial.

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