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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Wed 18th April 2018 - Yarmouth Green. GG # 731.

Terry's Photographs.

This looks a bit neglected.....

That is one huge pile of mulch!

(see text below)

Ex Yarmouth Pier timbers.

Close-up showing the barnacles and gribble worm damage.

Even this vole popped out to see what GG was up to.

Tea time...!

The pile gets less.

The finished job.

We were surprised not to say astonished by an overnight change to the seasons, gone were yesterday's decidedly wintery gusts of wind and in their place warmth. Enough to temp out the shorts for several of the gang! 
On the Green at Yarmouth then for several jobs today. The disease resistant Elm trees planted at variou times over the past 5 or 6 years and from several sources are doing well in their islands of planting however their protective fencing was in a poor state so removal of that was necessary. In its place to define the area and to prevent Mr Contractor from strimming right up to the trees and ring barking them, we placed bark chippings. On the subject of Elms, we checked up on several trees newly planted by yours truly over this winter, the plant label shows the specific variety 'Ulmus minor Ademuz' and they are all in leaf. 

A couple of years ago we planted up a gap in the hedge where a tree had been blown down and so that was another task today, to prune around these trees, again they are looking good I'm pleased to say. Adding some native flora to the mix of salt tolerant garden species already there. 

I was delighted that a group of children from Shalfleet Primary School were on the Green too, enjoying the sun as part of a school visit to learn about the work being done on Yarmouth Pier. I was pleased to be invited to have a chat with them about the Green Gym and what we were up to.  

Many thanks to Terry for the photographs and to Mark for the editorial.

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