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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wed 11th Oct 2017- Donor Creek LNR, Newport. GG # 706.

Mark's Photographs.

It was only one month ago that we visited this venue and we were to continue the work that we started back then. The fencing along the footpath that defines the northern boundary of the creek had become somewhat dilapidated and our task was to try and patch the holes using locally sourced material. With half the team trying to find suitable branches, the others started "dead hedging" along the pathway. For readers who are unfamiliar with this term, here is a photograph showing the basic principle.

The larger branches are inserted vertically into the ground and the thinner ones woven between them. Unfortunately, we didn't have ideal material available to us at Donor (as per usual for Green Gym!) but we did the best we could with what was at hand. It was a windy, grey day with the occasional short shower but, on the plus side, it was quite warm. Good progress was made at both patching the existing fencing and at cutting back the overgrowth to make the footpath more accessible. We hope to return here soon to continue the work.

Please note that next week GG will be at Naturezone, Blackwater and NOT at the RSPCA Centre. 


And finally,  message from Alison.

The grand total raised at my Macmillan Coffee Morning was £173.  Thank you for your support and for the donations of cake and cash!

Many thanks to Mark for taking the photographs this week.

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