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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wed 9th Aug 2017 - Shademakers, Castleworks, Wroxall. GG # 697.

Alison's Photographs.

Trimming back along the footpath.

Look carefully and you will see someone tunnelling through
the undergrowth…!

More footpath work.

Meanwhile, along the approach road..

Wow-where did all that undergrowth go???

Working hard on the approach track.

Looking much tidier now!

The job isn't finished until everything is shipshape.

When you look up the weather on a Wednesday morning, prior to setting out to the GG session, you DO NOT want to see this….. "Yellow weather warning for torrential rain across the Isle of Wight"..! Never mind, off we all went to the wilds of Wroxall and, as it turned out, the heavy rain held off until we had just about finished. After a quick chat about what needed to be done, we split into various groups and started work. Perhaps the biggest job was to tackle the overgrown area between the yard and the footpath, although the parking area and approach track were also treated to a "haircut". Come tea break, the wonderful ladies at Shademakers treated us to their legendary cakes - so, so yummy! Just as we were finishing up the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain started to get heavier.

Many thanks to Alison for the photographs and the Shademaker ladies for the super cakes.

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