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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wed 1st Mar 2017 - Pig Leg Lane, Ryde. GG # 674.

Terry's Photographs.

Let's get the fire underway.

Just one of the many blackthorn thickets.

Work at the pond continues...

Tea break.

"Did you hear the one about…."

The ever vigilant litter pickers.

This is what you call a fire!

Some of the areas that we cleared.

A rather strange piece of masonry found in the woods.
One of the group thought it resembled a pig's head (snout to the right).
Perhaps another part of the pig? (Pig Leg Lane)

This venue seems to be coming very popular on our schedule and long may be be so (this is our THIRD visit here in 2017!) There is just so much to do that, even if we were to visit there every session for a whole year, I doubt that we would be finished. We were tasked to continue the work on chopping back the copious amounts of blackthorn that grows in thick clumps across the site. Once cut, it is dragged to the bonfire and soon disappears in a puff of smoke. The longer the work goes on then we cut further away from the fire and it means increased transit time for dragging the arisings away - never easy with blackthorn! During the session we had several low level flybys from the electric company's helicopter that we assume was inspecting the power lines that run through adjacent to the railway line and brook. We even had an aerial display at tea break, this time thanks to a couple of red squirrels that were leaping around in the trees - so wonderful to watch them perform. The overcast sky gave us a light sprinkling of rain for the majority of the session, unfortunately this turned somewhat heavier towards the end.

Want to know more about Pig Leg Lane??? Have a look at the County Press - March 3rd - Page 32 for details of a talk being given next Wednesday @ 19:00, the venue is at All Saints' Hall, Ryde. See CP for more details plus a nice photograph of GGmers building pathways at PLL last summer.

Many thanks to Terry for taking the photographs this week.

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