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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wed 1st Feb 2017 - Pig Leg Lane, Swanmore, Ryde. GG # 670.

Alison's Photographs.

Cutting into the "jungle".

Draging out the arisings.

Opening up along one of the footpaths.

Digging ditches down by the stream / pond.

Just some of the litter we collected.

With the overnight rain dying away and unseasonably warm temperature, our Wednesday session was very pleasant weatherise. Everyone has now found their favourite place to park when we visit this venue so GGmers can be seen arriving from all points of the compass as 10:00 approaches. Having walked from the north of the site to the south, picked up tools from the van and had a quick briefing, it was then all the way back to the north to start work…phew..! The majority of our task was to grub out the blackthorn, hawthorn and bramble that has over grown many of the footpaths that criss-cross this huge site. All the arisings were dragged to clear areas and neatly stacked for future disposal. Work around the pond area was continued with further cutting back of the undergrowth and digging drainage ditches in an attempt to divert some of the water from the boggy areas to the pond. Come break time it was another north to south route march for tea at the van and…yes you have guessed it…. all the way back again after tea. Well, it is called Green GYM…so what do we expect?
Still not sure about the new name for this site but it is becoming a firm favourite to visit on the GG calendar. There has already been huge improvements here but there is certainly enough remaining to keep us occupied for many years to come!

A big thank you for the photographs this week.

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