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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wed 5th Oct 2016 - Flowers Brook, Ventnor. GG # 655.

Sue's and Terry's Photographs.

A nice introduction.

Planting 2,000 crocus bulbs.

This looks a bit overgrown... we had better get on with it!

The russian vine looks pretty but needs cutting back every year.

Clearing away the cuttings.

Three garden gnomes? The three wise monkeys?
Or…The good, the bad and the ugly?
Take your pick.

Some people just love to paddle!

Clearing the waterfall.

The partially cleared bank by the pond.

The stream looks better after being "sorted".

The cleared waterfall - from the bottom.

Pigeons enjoying a bath in the newly exposed water.

A view from the top.

Today we were working with "The friends of Flowers Brook" to give their wonderful site an end of season make-over. As with our previous visits, we concentrated on cutting back the Russian Vine and bramble from the banks surrounding the pond plus, clearing the banks of the stream and working at cutting a way into the waterfall. In addition we helped plant some two thousand Crocus bulbs around the stream area (see Mark's note below). With the wind out of the east and gusting in excess of 40mph, it was reminiscent of one of our previous visits during storm force winds! Although cloudy at times, the October sun was very pleasant.
Each time we have visited here, we have made some progress at cutting back the undergrowth surrounding the waterfall. This time we managed to "find the source of the Amazon" and cut right through to the upper pathway. Tea break was accompanied by cake - many thanks to the baker! Amazing what can be achieved after a cuppa and a slice of cake!

Mark's Note.
So today we helped the Flowers brook group plant 200 crocus bulbs.  Hopefully their lovely purple flowers next spring will populate the grassy areas around the bench  and along the length of the site.  The spectacle will be used as part of The Rotary's 'Purple 4 Polio' campaign which will culminate around that time.

Many thanks to Sue and Terry for the photographs.

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