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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wed 4th May 2016 - Cockleton Meadow, Gurnard. GG # 633.

Sue's Photographs.

Pre-session briefing.

The pipe bridge.

Relocated cowslips.

Cleaning up the pond area.

Transporting the grass sods.

The finished pipe bridge.

Tea break.

"We plough the fields and scatter, the good seed on the land"

Working in the orchard.

Making bee houses.

The pond area - work continues.

Bob's Aero Photographs.

The ponds area.

Starting the wild flower area.

The orchard area.

Tea break…!

This was our second visit to this site and the Gurnard Open Spaces Project. (See this link for the first one… Wed 24th Feb 2016 - Cockleton Meadows. - Gurnard. …)We were to continue the clearance and tidy-up work we started last time and, in addition, sow lots of wild flower seeds to give the grass field a meadow look. The area surrounding the ponds needed a really good rake-up to get rid of all the debris from the previous cutting session. To assist the drainage from the field to the pond area, a deep ditch was cut and a length of plastic drainage pipe inserted. The pathway was then reinstated above the pipe. Some of the team went through to the lovely orchard area and continued to remove the bramble and weeds, giving the trees and shrubs room to grow. Obviously, great care was taken to ensure that no nesting birds were disturbed! The wild flower seed sowing team had a tough job trying to remove areas of grass turf before scattering the seed. It will be interesting to come back at a later date and see what a change it has made. Since our last visit here there has been a lot of hard work done to plant numerous saplings around the perimeter of the site - well done to volunteers who did all that. The weather was a glorious sunny day so perhaps spring has finally arrived?

Many thanks to Sue and Bob for the photographs this week.

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