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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wed 16th Dec 2015 - Shide Quarry, Newport. GG # 615.

The long trek...

If the wind gets up anymore there will be FOUR Mary Poppins...

The GG version of hanging socks up by the fireplace?

See….it wasn't ALL party time!

The cleared area - well done everyone!

Party time.

 Once again, our last GG session of the year was held at the old quarry, Shide. It has become something of a tradition that we have our Christmas bash there after we have finished the work for the day. After numerous trips up and down the steps to carry all the food, equipment, tools etc from the road to the bottom of the chalk pit it was time to get on with the assigned task. This time we were working on the floor of the quarry which is much easier than trying to scale the steep sides…! The instructions were simple, cut and burn everything you can in that area over there. With the team mobilised using lopers and bow saws we soon had the area around the fire cut back, the fire started and working our way through the undergrowth like a swarm of locusts. After the tea break it was time to try and get the various barbecues alight ready for cooking all the burgers, sausages, burgers etc. The venison burgers were "old friends" that had been in the freezer since our ill-fated summer BBQ (that was something of a washout!). This time the weather was cloudy but unseasonably warm at around 14 C, and even the drizzly rain that started around noon failed to stop the festivities. Many thanks to all those who brought along the wonderful food, charcoal, "easy start" (ha ha!) BBQ's etc and especially to our two chefs who did a magnificent job against all the odds….!

It is worth mentioning that, due to the very warm weather we have had so far this winter, we saw both an adder and field mice during the session. They would usually have long been tucked up for the duration of the winter so amazing to see them still out and about. Terry managed to get a photograph of the adder but the mice were too quick.

As 2015 draws to a close, all that is left to do is to wish you all a very…...

and we hope to see you all at GG in 2016. Enjoy the sprouts….!

An extra special thank you to Sue and Terry for all the great photographs they have taken throughout the year - they certainly make the blog page come alive!

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