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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wed 2nd Sept 2015 - Knighton Down, Brading. GG # 600.

Sue and Terry's Photographs.

The work begins...

If you had the time to look….nice views down the valley.

Smoke signals.

Team GG - with the cake.

That yummy cake…! Many thanks to Gwen for making it
and to Geoff for bringing it along and serving it.

The sugar rush gives one of the team extra bounce….

Tea and cake anyone?

Burn off those calories.

Towards the end - didn't we do well!

A Great Green Bush Cricket.

And from Mark..



The IoW Green Gym 600th session…!
(and our 499th blog)

Today, we held our 600th GG session and to celebrate this auspicious occasion we had yummy cake at tea break! Needless to say, being the GG, it wasn't just a party, so there was a certain amount of work involved BEFORE the festivities…!

Having parked up in the lay-by on the Ashey Sea Mark to Brading Road and receiving a briefing from our hosts, the Hants and IoW Wildlife Trust, it was something of a hike down the southern slope of the hill before we arrived at the work site. We were tasked to remove as much of the bramble and scrub as possible, which, over a period of time had grown into dense thickets along the slopes. It would have certainly been advantageous to have had one leg about a foot (300mm for you younger readers!) longer than the other, such was the angle of the ground. With the last two sessions having been held in the rain, it was nice to have a bright sunny day for this one. Perhaps it was the weather (or the promise of cake?) but the session was particularly well attended and an amazing amount of scrub was cut before being burnt up on the bonfire.

Just before tea break we had a visit from the County Press reporter/photographer so keep an eye on the paper, you just might be famous….! 

As blog editor, I am sure that all the IoW GG members will join me in thanking Mark and the committee for all the work they put into making our Wednesday morning sessions so enjoyable and long may it continue into the future. Plus a huge well done to all those who have attended the GG sessions over the last 12 years.

 Hip…Hip….Hurrah,    Hip….Hip Hurrah,   Hip…Hip….HURRAH…..!

Many thanks to Sue, Terry and Mark for the EXCELLENT photographs this week.

1 comment:

Mark R said...

Thanks Bob, kind words! And I join you in saying well done to the nearly 600 people who've Green Gymed on the Island!
Plus we note that 499 of them have been recorded by your good self on here, brilliant job mate!
best wishes