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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Finally..... an answer to Munsley...!

In a recent blog I asked if anyone had any ideas why Munsley Bog was so called. The reference books that I have failed to answer the question as did talking to Godshill locals.

Tonight I had the following email from Mark....

Many thanks to John Margham for researching our query, and he has emailed me the following...

According to Kokeritz's The Place-Names of the Isle of Wight Munsley means either 'Mul's leah' with Mul being a personal name, or 'the leah at the muzzle-like hill' (1940, p. 17-18). I suggest that you look for a muzzle-shaped hill in the vicinity on your next visit! Leah is an Old English term best translated as wood-pasture, but at Munsley it could very well refer to more open pasture, i.e. the area of the bog itself being used for rough grazing. Munsley was first recorded as Mollesleghe in 1287-90 according to Kokeritz. 

So...we finally have an answer - although we will have to look for the "muzzle-like hill" on our next visit. Many thanks to Mark and John for the research.

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