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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wed 14th Jan 2015 - Northwood House, Cowes.

Carrie's Photographs.


Oh what a mess we made....

That's much better, nearly finished now.

Sue's Photographs.

Here we go......

...this won't take long....

"The Boss" and the sign that says it all.

Above and below...the "drag it all away" team.

phew....what a difference...!

A rather poor aerial shot of the work area - the greenery to the top of the shot.

The weather forecast for Wednesday morning really didn't read well, with FOUR  yellow Met Office weather warnings spanning Tuesday to Thursday (These were for - snow, ice, rain and high winds!) We should have trusted our Green Gym weather luck because it turned out to be a nice sunny morning, perhaps a little cool in the shade but we were out in the sun..... wonderful. The initial problem with parking was soon resolved and we were tasked to work to the south of those beautiful gardens, along the boundary with the car park. The main job was to tackle a rather overgrown area, cutting it back and transporting it, some distance, to a bonfire. The GGmers not involved with this were soon helping the regular volunteers with various jobs around the gardens (there is always PLENTY to be getting on with!) Examination of the area we were to clear showed it to be mainly holly and bay, amazing there wasn't a lot  of bramble (a first for GG????) It didn't take long for the views of the house and grounds to be opened up from the car parking area and WOW what a difference. As per usual with this sort of work, the "easy" bit is cutting it down - then comes the problems of what do you do with all the cuttings? Mark utilised the van and trailer to move some with the remainder being wheel-barrowed or physically dragged over to the distant bonfire. By the time the session came to a close the majority of the shrubs had been cut down to shoulder height and the area left tidy. A huge "well done" to all the team members who cleared the area, the regular Northwood volunteers seemed very impressed with our efforts.

Working photographs supplied by Sue and Carrie, many thanks to both.

Historical Note.

Aerial photograph of Northwood House (and St Mary's Church - centre shot) taken in 1928. It looks as though the car park we were working in today was originally the house gardens!

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