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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wed 22nd Oct 2014 - Pan Mill Meadow, Newport.

Carrie's photographs.

Sue's Photographs.

The Presentation.

(not everyone attending was in these photographs!)

Back to work!

 Completed and ready for next year's growing season.

Mark's Photographs.

 Just some of the 44 GGmers who attended this session!

With the remains of hurricane Gonzalo giving us a "breezy and wet" day on Tuesday, it was a pleasant  surprise  to find our Wednesday's GG session bathed in sunshine. Having assembled in the car park at Matalan (thanks to the staff for letting us be there) it was a short walk along the river to the meadow area. This year's growth had been mechanically flailed prior to our arrival - our task being to rake it all up into neat piles around the periphery of the field. This stops the cuttings rotting down and supplying nutrients to the soil, which encourages the grass and weeds to outgrow the wild flowers. Our previous visits to this site over the years have really started to pay dividends. During the summer months this meadow area is a tranquil space for flowers, insects and animals which is much appreciated by members of the public using the footpath. With the majority of the team gathering the cuttings, others were deployed to give the edges a bit of a trim and to do an extensive litter pick. Talking of litter, during our tea break we were presented with a framed certificate and generous cheque. Mark accepted them from Pat Almond, the area representative from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England in recognition of our litter picking at GG sessions throughout the year. 

Our growing collection of CPRE certificates - well done everyone!

I think a quote from Carrie best sums-up our efforts this week...."gosh didn't we all do well, I don't remember ever finishing the whole field before!"

Many thanks to Sue, Carrie and Mark for the photographs this week..

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