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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wed 5th Feb 2014 - Flowers Brook, Ventnor.

The fact that there was a weather warning out for the Island and that my car was doing a good impersonation of a high-sided vehicle should have prepared me for this week's GG session. Then again, it was a new site for us to visit so it was fingers crossed and head off to the "deep south" of Ventnor. Walking down from Under-cliff road was "interesting" as the wind wanted to take your legs away but the lovely view was well worth the effort. We met up with another group, from the  the Ventnor Enhancement Fund, that had been working here recently and were soon doing what GG does best, hacking into the undergrowth to clear the area. The pictures above will show just how steep the working area was and the views of the waves show just how strong the wind was! The forecasted rain held off until around 11:00 but everyone was pretty soggy by the time the session finished. The area certainly looked a whole lot better when we had finished with it and it would be great to return here (perhaps on a sunny day?) to carry on the good work.
Considering how bad the weather forecast had been, we had a really good turnout so a big WELL DONE to all those who made the effort!

Mark's Note.

This little brook flows from a cascading waterfall down the side of the woodland to a pond, three different aquatic habitats in a very small space and all very good places for wildlife.  The brook will undoubtedly contain some interesting invertebrates and the pond is the home, in the spring, to amphibians such as newts. The work this week was all about managing some of the buildup of vegetation and scrub which has encroached on the pond and its surroundings.  It will be a great place to revisit in the summer!

Here is a link to an old photograph showing Flowers Brook in the 1950/60's

Look for the postcard with the caravans on it, click on it and it should enlarge.

Many thanks to Mark for the photographs and his note.


David Purser said...

With regard to the work you did at Flowers Brook on 5 Feb 2014. I was visiting the Island for Shanklin Youth Club 50th Reunion (8 Feb) and on Friday 7 Feb visited Flowers Brook for the first time. I was brought up on the Island, but never new of this places existance until I found a picture of my Mum on the stepping stones taken in 1938, and posted it in the IW Heritage Group, on Facebook, and people told me where it was taken. I had seen pictures taken fairly recently, but was a little saddened to see it overgrown,and neglected. So you can imagine my delight, last Friday, when I discovered this place and found you (as I now know) were responsible for the work. I'd just like to give you a very appreciative thank you. Please keep up the good work. I would like to add the pic of my Mum from 1938, together with a few I took last week,if of interest, but am unclear how to achieve this.

Bob the Blog said...

David, if you would like your photograph published on the blog then please e-mail it to
with a cover note.
Regards, Bob the blog.