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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wed 22nd Jan 2014 - Corf Camp, Shafleet.

Carrie's Photos.

Mark's Photo.

The mission for the GGmers this week was to give the Scouts' Camp at Corf an early "spring clean and tidy up around the grounds". The land adjacent to the new accommodation block was VERY overgrown so it was decided that we should clear as much as possible and build a dead hedge with the cut material. Excellent progress was made with this task and by the time we had finished, the area looked far more in keeping with the new, very upmarket building. Due to the limitations of working space, many other were busy elsewhere around the site - tackling cutting back, ditching and general tidying. Once again, we had an excellent turnout (welcome to the ones who came along for the first time...!) and the weather stayed dry - amazing when you consider how much rain we have been getting recently.

Mark's Nature Note.

The Brimstone butterfly photo is an early sighting of one on the wing but the nice weather obviously tempted her out. They do overwinter as adults, the insect appeared to be 'shivering' in fact it was vibrating its flight muscles to warm itself.

Many thanks to Mark for the photographs and Nature Note and to Carrie for her photographs.

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