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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wed 9th Oct 2013 - Yarmouth green.

This week a new location for the group, but one we've all past by many times over the years I'm sure.

 The hedge here is made up of primarily ornamental species of evergreen shrubs such as Euonymus and Arbutus unedo or Strawberry Tree.  They form a useful salt tolerant hedgerow, used as habitat cover by roosting birds one would imagine.  We've been asked today to keep the rampaging bramble in check, especially adjacent to where the Disease Resistant Elms have been recently planted by the Wildlife Warriors group.

Across the car park a further group of us trimmed back more bramble which had been threatening a willow bench seat, installed a couple of years ago along the Yarmouth Harbour Sensory Trail.

Many thanks to Mark for supplying the editorial and photographs this week.

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