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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wed 31st July 2013 - Arreton Down, Downend.

This week our Wednesday morning was spent PPP whilst avoiding PPP....! (For those of you who are not into text speak, this translates into Pesky Plant Pulling whilst avoiding Prolific Pooch Poo). The Downs were covered in swirling mist which occasionally fell as light rain showers before clearing a little towards the end of the session. Some 28 brave souls were stretched out in a horizontal line working our way across the Down looking for, then pulling, the dreaded Ragwort. The whole of the area was covered in Chalkhill Blue butterflies with the occasional other species being spotted. Good progress was made at clearing the designated area and several pick-up trucks full of Ragwort were transported away.

Many thanks to Alison for the photographs this week.

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