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Friday, 7 June 2013

Wed 5th June 2013 - One Horse Field, Totland.

Mark's Photographs.

Carrie's Photographs.

Unusually for a summer month, our venue this week was One Horse Field in Totland.  Our normal task here is to tackle the widespread bracken, which crowds out all the wildflowers with a thick blanket of green.  It is clear that the previous area we have tackled on a couple of occasions is nothing like as prolific as it was, so this time were were clearing another area in the hope we can do the same there.  Wildflowers spotted were periwinkle and creeping vetch, so this is excellent news.  Other tasks were to cut back branches overhanging the footpath and remove a large sycamore.  We also cut back the vegetation around the fruit trees we planted last year, which are doing really well, as you can see from the picture of what could be red currants possibly?

Many thanks to Carrie for her text and photographs and to Mark for his photographs.

For those who were at the Himalayan Balsam pulling session the other week, have a look in this week's County Press. GG gets a mention on page 51 and the Besley cartoon on page 46 might make you chuckle.

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