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Friday, 26 April 2013

Wed 24th April 2013. Pan Mill Meadows, Newport.

This week saw the group at Pan Mill Meadows, with our usual excellent
turnout of volunteers.  Our list of tasks was fairly long, but we managed to
complete them all by the end of the session.  Our main task was to spread
three trailer loads of woodchip round the pathway, as several areas get
very boggy when it rains.  The guys from St Georges did a litter pick, and a
great job they did too filling quite a few black bags to stack in the
trailer.  Other tasks were to repair the chicken wire on the bridge over the
stream, and remove some post and wire fencing which had falledn down and was
looking very untidy - a further section of fencing was removed from the
stream under the bridge.  We also cut back a section of willow which was
overhanging the cycle path, and removed a lot of sycamore from another area
of the site.  We then cut some willow steams and transplanted these to the
area where we removed the sycamore, in the hope they may regenerate.  Our
final task was to clear an area to improve the visibility from the pathway,
and then use the cut pieces to make a low barrier to prevent it being used
as a through route.  The local PCSO officer cycled through and said he had
been there this morning at 8.30 and now he didn't recognise the place as we
had done such a good job, a compliment indeed!

Many thanks to Carrie for the blog information and photographs this week.

There are a couple of items in the County Press this week that might be of interest, see pages 28 and 31 for further details.......

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