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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wed 21st Nov 2012 - Merstone Station.

Carrie's Photographs.

Colin's Photographs.

Mark's Photographs.

Please note the position of the rainbow in the photographs above and below, not only does the sun shine on the righteous, but so does the rainbow....! (Well captured Mark)

It was back to one of GG's favourite locations this week, the old railway station at Merstone. This is a very popular site with members of the public - with walkers, dog exercisers, cyclists, horse riders, picnickers etc all enjoying the open meadow area. Since the area has been cleared and managed, it has also become a haven for wild flowers, insects, birds and animals.

So, to keep this site in top condition, GG were tasked to give the platform area and the land to the west an autumn cleanup....! As this is a meadow site, the cut grass needs to be raked up, thereby denying the soil of additional nutrients. This will give the wild flower a fighting chance at the start of the growing season next year. The team were soon seen to be raking away and removing the cuttings to a remote area. Particular attention was given to the maze pathway area which had become very overgrown. One of the seating areas needed the bench supports renewing, so the rotten posts were dug out, new oak posts cut to length and then buried prior to the bench top being reattached. As per usual when we visit such sites, there was a general litter pick and tidy-up of any needy items.

The session started well weatherise, with cloud but just a little light rain. By tea time the winds had picked up considerably and squally weather became the order of the day! You can see from the photographs above just how dark the sky became which highlighted the rainbow beautifully. Very well done to those who stayed in spite of the inclement weather...!!!!

Many thanks to Carrie, Colin and Mark for the photographs this week.

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