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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wed 25th April 2012 - St Helens Primary School, St Helens.


Another new venue for the Green Gym this week at St Helens Primary School - our tasks were firstly to tidy up their pond and environmental area and put in some plants.  The second job was to build some raised beds and fill them with soil.  Now you might think this was just another day at the Green Gym except for the weather - it threw it down with rain most of the morning some of which included hail and sleet - but despite this we had twenty plus hardy Green Gymmers turn up and get stuck in.  Also when building the first two of the three raised beds one of the drills' battery decided not to work so we had to share it between us which meant the task took longer than anticipated.  We then had to barrow the peat (which was now soaked by rain and very hard to shovel into said barrows) negotiate seven steep steps, lift the full barrows over a 3ft high wall then tip them into the finished structures - Phew!!.  While this was going on we managed to build the third raised bed, but they will need more peat to fill this one.

I am sorry that the blog looks a little "spread out" this week but Google have decided to upgrade the software. Needless to say, nothing works as it did or as you would expect...!!!!
Many thanks to Mark & Carrie for the photographs and to Carrie for the editorial. I hope that all those who attended on Wednesday have now dried out....

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