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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wed 23rd June 2010 - Merstone Station.

We returned this week to Merstone station, to complete the tasks we began a few weeks ago. It was a gloriously sunny day with, as usual, an excellent turnout of volunteers. There was some clearance work around the station platform to remove some of the nettles, and the surround for the information board and the wooden side of the Merstone sign had a good coat of teak oil. The tail of the squirrel has been missing for some time, and someone dropped it off for us to try and reattach it. It had a nice coat of teak oil, but needs to be taken away to have a new hole drilled as the original has a hairline crack; we hope to put it back soon. Our big task was to complete the reconstruction of the maze by cutting into strips and putting down some membrane, re-using the old chalk as the base and then putting the nice new white chalk on the top; the edges were also trimmed of excess vegetation. It was suggested that an aerial photograph would be really nice if someone could stand on top of Mark and Jan’s Land Rover. I said what idiot would do that! Well it turned out to be me - but the picture has come out well.

Many thanks to Carrie for the text and pictures this week. She will soon need a stunt double to take the photographs.......!!!

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